March 17, 2018

2015 CBR 300R

Honda CBR300R


CBR300R. Just say it a couples times and try to grasp what the name is stating. CBR is synonymous with sport styling, racer looks and feel, And most of all, power. Now I’m a big guy. I’m 6 foot 1inch and 218 lbs. In my mind I was thinking small, light and weak on the power. When I walked up to the bike, it was styled like a CBR usually is but it seemed thin. I guess that would be normal for a smaller powered machine. I was kinda worried how it would handle, and if it would haul my large frame with any decent ability.

Well, I got on it and was pleasantly surprised of the fit. It didn’t feel small. It felt Light and nimble, and the start of the engine had a nice single cylinder purr. I was still worried though.

First Impressions:

The power as I drove off normally was that it was a quite light. Rolling on the throttle felt like I had to twist more to get going.  Again it was expected to be on the light side. But I wasn’t prepared for what it actually was. It took some time to grasp the process and adjust my expectations of this machine.

My route took me to the freeway where the speed is 100km/h. When I entered the 270 degree on ramp I was completely impressed with the solid tracking of the bike while accelerating up to merging speed to the freeway. I had immediate confidence with the cornering and the acceleration wasn’t too bad either. Being such a big guy, the bike had no problem getting me to a good speed quick enough to merge with the flow of a busy freeway.

While on the freeway, I stayed in the right lane because I noticed that pushing the bike up to the traveling speeds of the other cars in the left lanes, was taking the bike to its limits. With no way to have power to pass at 120km/h it didn’t make sense to hang with the faster vehicles. However, doing 120 was not a problem. There just wasn’t any safety left in the engine. It was tapped out.

The light weight of the bike made it easy for the turbulence of the car or truck in front of me, to push me around quite a bit. I was lightly moved about from cars and a bit more from larger trucks.

Once off the freeway, the bike was in its element. Easily keeping up with traffic and when needed, a nice amount of power to snap past some traffic or any obstacle I needed to avoid.

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Final Thoughts

I spent a little bit of time riding this machine. the more I rode it the more I felt comfortable on it. I had a tonne of fun on it. In fact, I’d also like to use that word to describe the bike completely…It’s Fun.

The CBR300R is most definitely an entry level sport bike. And as an entry level sport bike it is a great offering from Honda. Not many companies are attempting to enter this category, only Honda and Kawasaki. If you have medium experience on any bike, I wouldn’t recommend this bike for you unless you just want a small city bike to get to work in traffic, or for small trips…it is really small. It will keep you in control, for you new riders, and when you’re ready to move upwards, there are quite a few next step bikes to make you a more confident rider.

How ever, this bike is perfect for the first timer getting into street bikes, or for short trips.

Thanks to Honda Canada for letting me do this review.



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