March 17, 2018

Riding with Rene Cormier

Adventure tour guide and author, Rene Cormier and his wife Collette happened to be in town kicking off their speaking engagement tour.

I took the opportunity to show them and new Okanagan resident, Scott Bentley, owner of Bentley Motorrad, our back yard. Scott hooked us up with BMW adventure tour bikes and off we went.

While Cormier spent close to five years riding all over the globe, Scott too is an adventurer having spent 5 months riding in India.

I chose my token favourite BMW F800 GS in the Burnt Orange. The weather was fabulous, as was the company and you can keep an eye out for an upcoming episode on Shaw TV about our exploration ride at home.

Scott Bentley
Marissa Baecker
Rene and Collette Cormier
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