March 17, 2018

Socially responsible exhaust now available in Canada – Jekill & Hyde



Let’s face it. In the City of Kelowna, and just about everywhere else, the debate on the volume of the exhaust on a motorcycle is always a hot topic both among riders and non-riders alike. “Loud Pipes Save Lives” is the common phrase from the loud rider community. However, as a rider myself with a neighbour whose pipes are not loud but rather simply obnoxious, the news coming from Europe is perfectly timed.

In response to the LPSL expression, I rebut with a bullet from the press release of Dr. Jekill and Mr. Hyde – The Exhaust:

Socially responsible motorcycle exhaust system arrives in Canada

With more than 30,000 European installs, this push button “electronically controlled and adjustable exhaust system” just may be the solution for everyone to get along and it is now available in Canada.

Innovative technology, premium quality, and spectacular sound you can choose.

Imagine that! A government compliant exhaust system that allows you to turn it down for those early morning exits or late night returns, and then dial it back up when only the expression of attitude will do – all with the push of a button.

Open_Exhaust Jekill and Hyde“With the exhaust system fitted on a motorcycle, the first chamber eliminates high and middle frequency noise that can be irritating. The valve then directs the exhaust to one of two secondary chambers. The quiet chamber has the same backpressure as stock, whereas the loud chamber gives 6% to 10% more performance, along with a fantastic sound. No mapping or fuel system is needed since the O2 compensates +/- 20%.”

Jekill and Hyde VictoryJekill & Hyde Exhaust is available for:

  • Harley-Davidson
    • Sportster
    • Dyna
    • Softtail
    • Touring
    • VRod
  • BMW
    • R1200 GS(A)
    • R1200R
    • R1200RS
    • R1200RT
    • RNineT
  • Honda
    • Goldwing
    • F6B
    • C-ABS
  • Indian
    • Scout
    • Chief
    • Chieftain
    • Springfield
  • Victory
    • Bagger
    • Cruiser
    • Touring

More manufacturers are currently in development.

Download the complete press release.


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